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Donate to a fantastic Scottish social enterprise

Change the lives of those who wish for a second chance and help reduce crime in Scotland

Your donation will help fit out the kitchen of a restaurant staffed entirely by ex offenders

Exciting new Glasgow restaurant serving high quality food

100% of donation goes to charity

This Christmas, help change the lives of Glasgow men and women who wish for a second chance.

Donate to a fantastic local social enterprise – a city centre restaurant staffed entirely by reformed ex offenders.

Hope and opportunity

The initiative, launched by Braveheart Industries, which is a charity set up by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, is set to open its first restaurant in Glasgow City centre.

It will be staffed by reformed ex offenders who have shown a strong commitment to changing their lives and have undergone intensive interviews and screening with the charity.

The enterprise aims to help break the cycle of violence as well as provide hope and opportunity to those who have demonstrated a strong desire to make a positive contribution to society but can’t get a job due to their previous conviction.

Not only will your gift help break the cycle of reoffending, it will help create an exciting addition to Glasgow’s restaurant scene.

The ex offenders have been trained to a high standard and will be serving top quality food in a restaurant that aims to make an impressive contribution to Glasgow’s vibrant foodie scene.

All profits from the restaurant will be invested back into the enterprise.

A safer, better Scotland

The staff at the restaurant will be made up exclusively of men and women who have spent time in prison for committing a violent crime.

The majority have come from violent backgrounds themselves – growing up as victims and witnesses of violence.

The focus of the enterprise is prevention and intervention which will reduce the amount of violent crime in Scotland, reduce the number of victims, and result in a safer, better Scotland.

It is modelled on a similar initiative in Los Angeles which created jobs for former gang members and has been hugely successful in cutting the rate of reoffending and reducing crime.

The staff at the restaurant will be given full support and mentoring to help make their new career a success.

Before the launch of the restaurant, which aims to open in Glasgow City Centre next summer, there will be a food truck at the beginning of the year in Glasgow’s West End staffed by the ex offenders, which will serve American diner style food with a Scottish twist.

Donate this Christmas

Braveheart Industries have spent the last three years planning and running pilot schemes to ensure the restaurant is a success.

You can choose to donate £5, £15, £25, £50 or £100, and each donation will buy specific items the restaurant kitchen requires to run on a daily basis, like pots and pans, a microwave and chopping boards.

By choosing to donate this Christmas you will be contributing to a fantastic local social enterprise that will help change lives, make Scotland safer, and make a valued contribution to Glasgow’s restaurant scene.

Read more about the initiative here.

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Good charitable "token" gift for Christmas

Fiona M.

This is a fantastic idea looking forward to the opening.

Sharon D.

This will hopefuly help to get people back on the straight and narrow by giving them a purpose to carry on and belief that there are other people who care.

Jim M.

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Important Information

Donations may be purchased between 04.12.15 and 26.12.15.

The restaurant will be opening in summer 2016; 5pm will keep customers who donate informed of the restaurant’s progress via email.

You can choose to donate £5, £15, £25, £50 or £100 – each donation will help buy specific items the restaurant requires to run on a daily basis.

By donating through, 100% of your donation goes to Braveheart Industries, the social enterprise running the restaurant. Braveheart is a registered charity SCO44836.

Once your donation has been made, no further action is necessary. Your donation will go directly to Braveheart Industries.

Multiple donations may be made.

Donations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Donations are not exchangeable for cash.

Standard 14 day cancellation policy does not apply.


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