Spa Packages & Spa Days

Everyone loves the luxurious experience of a spa and if spa days are your route to relaxation, you’ll find lots of spa packages and discounts for premium spa resorts across Scotland on 5pm Spa & Beauty. We’ve put some tips below for finding the best spa offers plus take a browse through all the spas on 5pm below.

Spa Deal Packages

Get a big discount by buying spa services in packages, either a one-day package including a variety of different treatments, or a series of massages from the same masseuse or aesthetician.

You’ll find lots of spa deal packages on 5pm.

Spa Special Offers

Off-Season Spa Special Offers

Every spa hotel—and some day spas—will have a busy season and an off season. Services, resort stays, and even access to pool and exercise equipment will cost you a lot less when they’re not in high demand. To get the best spa deals, search for offers on 5pm outside of the busiest times of year for spas (e.g. school holidays are busy periods).

Off-Peak Spa Rates

This kind of variation is less common than off-season rate changes, but many day spas offer lower rates on certain days of the week, such as Monday through Wednesday, or for appointments at earlier hours. You never know what kind of bargains may be available. Take a search on 5pm for off-peak spa rates and spa special offers.