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As more of us go on holiday to countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, the more popular Britain’s southeast Asian restaurants become. A tasty mix of Chinese culinary traditions, Indian curries, local produce and know-how along with the occasional European influence, the best southeast Asian restaurants in the UK accurately reflect the exotic flavours of the countries that developed them. By using 5pm’s online booking service, you can find the most popular southeast Asian restaurants in your town.

Booking southeast Asian restaurants

Whether you are looking for the most authentic Malaysian restaurant in Manchester or the most popular Thai restaurant in Tayside, can help diners find the best southeast Asian restaurant for your tastes and location. The most popular southeast Asian restaurants on 5pm are rated and reviewed by users who have eaten in them. The restaurants’ sample menus are also posted on the 5pm site making it even more convenient for diners to see which part of the southeast Asian culinary map they would like to visit.

Eat in the most popular southeast Asian restaurants

If you fancy a plate of Malaysian nasi goreng, pad Thai or a selection of Vietnamese spring rolls, 5pm’s database of recommended southeast Asian restaurants offers locally sourced deals that you won’t see in the restaurants themselves. For the finest southeast Asian restaurants in Britain, book online through 5pm.

New Southeast Asian Restaurants

Offers in Southeast Asian Restaurants

Bar Soba Mitchell Lane – £25 2 course boozy brunch menu including 4 cocktails/prosecco/beer
Embargo – £20 couple’s raman + 2 bottles of beer