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In a perfect world, it would be completely acceptable to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you fancied a snack in between your breakfast Margherita and lunchtime Americano then you could graze on those snacky little finger pizza. Pizza-flavoured chewing gum could fill in any non-pizza-eating time that was left. Actually, hold the pizza gum. That’s just being silly.

Until that happy day when we all live in pizza paradise then SoHo on Miller Street is the next best thing. They do 22 different thin and crispy stone baked pizza so essentially you could eat a different one every night for just over three weeks without ever repeating yourself.

Natch, they do the classics like La Reine (bacon, mushroom, olives, mozzarella) and the Milano (sweet red peppers, salami, mozzarella) but the menu also makes a number of detours off the well beaten pizza track. Fancy a Flaming Scotsman made with haggis, mozzarella and spicy jalapenos? What about a Peri Peri pizza or a Hoisin Duck version? Ever wonder what Stornoway black pudding would taste like on a pizza? SoHo has the answer to all these questions. Factor in an ice cold bottle of prosecco and, all of a sudden, the start of the year is beginning to look a lot more cheery than it did before you started reading today’s Big Deal.

From £20.00
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Soho on Miller Street
84-86 Miller Street
G1 3DT

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