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Do you remember being a kid, guests coming round for something to eat and your mother drawing you discreetly to one side and menacingly whispering, ‘FHB!’
It was short for family hold back and it was an implicit warning that you and your siblings were not to fall on the buffet table like a pack of starving wolves but should let your visitors go first.

You weren’t even allowed to glower at the guests as they helped themselves to a second jammy doughnut while you were still nibbling like a martyr on a cheese and pineapple stick.

‘A slice of triple fudge cake? No thank you, Aunty Meg. I don’t believe I shall. This jam piece is fine for me.’

Take up today’s Big Deal with Incredible Catering and you can cast aside all such self denial.
Incredible Catering have one simple aim: to satisfy their customers with fresh, mind-blowing, luscious food at affordable prices.

Everyone at Incredible Catering has a passion for food. They care what their customers like and they want to offer them food which is always top quality, well presented and delivered on time.

Whether it is a birthday party, Holy Communion, christening, house party, anniversary, funeral, family gathering or other special occasion, Incredible Catering have created a luxury buffet to suit any occasion.

The buffet comprises sandwiches, chocolate gateaux, a fruit platter, fresh juice and finger buffet items such as homemade chicken satay with a spicy peanut dip; thin crust homemade mini pizza with various toppings; Texan mini chicken wings and drumsticks served with a blue cheese dip.

Take up today’s Big Deal and it’s farewell to FHB and say ‘Hello to help yourself.’

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Usually £150
Discount 55%
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Vouchers valid until 30th June 2011.

A delivery charge based on mileage will apply.

Please note that vouchers are to be used in denominations of 10.


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