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A rather stylish little drinking den, The Blind Pig takes its inspiration from the secret speakeasies of 1920’s and 30’s New York when Prohibition drove the liquor trade underground. Legend has it that illegal bars were called blind pigs after a method of getting around the ban on selling alcohol. Illegal bar owners would charge a fee to see a supposedly strange animal, such as a blind pig, and then they would give the customer a drink for free. Technically, they weren’t selling alcohol so it was all above board. It’s hard to imagine that one standing up in court for any length of time but it’s a neat tale.

These days, you don’t need to know a secret password to gain access to the Blind Pig but they do serve cocktails in teacups; a nod to times when it was best to be discreet about quaffing a little Martini every now and then. The cocktail barmen at the Blind Pig are an inventive crew and on Hogmanay they will be mixing up the drinks until the 1am closing time. Good mixologists and a 1am closing time is an inviting combo and diners are more than welcome to stick around after their meal, put the bar staff to work and see in the Bells at The Blind Pig.

The kitchens at The Blind Pig are very keen on local sourcing and it shines through on dishes like the slow roasted haunch of venison with caramelized pear and creamed potatoes from the Hogmanay menu.

From £35.00
Usually £70.00
Discount 50%
Saving £35.00

Important Information

The voucher is only valid on 31.12.2010.

Please note that there will only be one sitting on this evening, at 19:30.

The five courses are from the set Hogmanay menu.


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Blind Pig
116-122 Byres Road
G12 8TB

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