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Quality coffee bundle

3 × 250g bags of coffee

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Quality caffeine boost

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Handpicked for you – curated deals for 5pm customers

Do the days feel like they’re on repeat right now? Do you feel listless, lethargic and frankly, a bit blah?

Thankfully, there’s a trusty antidote to the blah and it’s that heady rocket blast in a cup known as “coffee”. That’s because caffeine makes the planet go around and adds a little oomph to your day.

So why not get your mitts on the best of the brown wonder stuff with this Handpicked Deal for three bags of quality coffee?

Coffee connoisseurs

  • Grain and Grind is much more than just a family of chilled out cafés in Glasgow’s Southside.
  • Because behind the scenes, it’s run by true bean worshippers who scour the earth for the very best coffee flavours.
  • Basically, what we’re saying is that you can trust Grain and Grind to know their stuff and send you a truly glorious caffeine bundle. Whoop.

Heavenly selection

  • With this Handpicked Deal, you will get a choice of three x 250 bags of coffee delivered to you, choosing from African, Asian, South American or Local Roasts. Postage is included.
  • But what’s the difference? Well, African coffee tends to be fruity, floral and bold – sunshine in a cup, basically. South American coffee is well-balanced and creamy with delicious chocolate and caramel notes. Asian coffee tends to be smooth, full bodied and syrupy, with a bold nuttiness and earthiness.
  • Or how about trying a lovingly roasted and blended selection from Grain and Grind’s coffee master, John?

Choose your bundle

  • Here’s what you will get in the different selections:
  • Asian Bundle – Indonesian Mandheling, Monsoon Malabar, China Black River
  • African Bundle – Kenya Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Djimma, Dr. Congo Kawa Kanzururu
  • You can also match your bundle to your coffee maker, choosing from whole bean, cafetiere, filter, V60/AeroPress, espresso and moka pot/stove top.

Happy caffeine lovers

This is what one Facebook reviewer said about the coffee at Grain and Grind:

‘It’s a great place. The coffee there is one of the best I’ve had. 10/10.’

Backed by The 5pm Promise

From £23.95

Important Information

Valid for redemption until 30.11.20.

The Big Deal is for a coffee bundle containing 3 × 250g bags of coffee.

Choose one of the following four bundles:
Southside (Bungo Roast, Marchtown Blend, Queens Park Roast);
Asian (Indonesian Mandheling, Monsoon Malabar, China Black River);
African (Kenya Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Djimma, Dr Congo Kawa Kanzururu);
South American (Colombian Excelso, Brazil Santos, Peru el Oso).

Match your bundle to your coffee maker, by choosing from the following: Whole Bean; Cafetiere; Filter; V60/AeroPress; Espresso; Moka pot.

Postage is included. Mainland UK deliveries only.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Email redemption only, as detailed on your order email.

Any returns must be returned within 14 days of delivery and must be in original packaging with inner packaging and bottles unopened. Refunds will be arranged on receipt of returned item. Please note refunds can take 3 to 10 working days to reach your bank. Customer is responsible for payment of returns.

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Purchase cannot be exchanged for cash and is not valid with any other offers or existing orders.

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