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Launch Foods is a not-for-profit enterprise

Donate £5 to this innovative cause

Cool food truck serving primary school kids

Feed hungry children in Scotland

Help solve food surplus in Scotland

100% of your donation goes to this cause

Across Scotland, children are going home from school hungry.

Meanwhile, food producers throw away surplus food every day.

This situation does not make sense, so organisation Launch Foods have decided to do something about it.

They’ve created a shiny, uber cool food truck which will visit schools across Scotland to feed kids delicious, nutritional meals created from surplus food produce.

Today, we’re asking you to contribute £5 to this innovative cause which aims to help solve food poverty and food surplus in Scotland.

Just £5 will help feed children in Scotland who might otherwise go home hungry.

Food poverty and food surplus

In 2018 this shouldn’t be the case – but every day primary school children spend their evenings hungry, without a proper meal.

Meanwhile, food producers throw away perfectly good food just because it is misshapen, approaching its best before date, or doesn’t look attractive enough for supermarkets.

Launch Foods have approached these producers to collect tasty, perfectly edible food which would otherwise have been thrown away for the reasons above.

Delicious healthy food

Launch Foods have used the surplus food to create a menu of delicious treats kids will love, such as burgers, chicken wraps, smoothies and pasta.

Scottish kids were consulted on the types of food they’d like to eat and even created some of the smoothie recipes.

All the food on the menu is healthy, packed with (sneakily hidden) vegetables, and is low fat and low salt. Launch Foods even make their own healthy ketchup.

In line with the socially conscious cause, all of the packaging is compostable and biodegradable.

Shiny food truck

Launch’s shiny silver food truck will be pulling into primary schools across Scotland to feed kids delicious dishes.

The dishes will be free to all children in the school to remove any stigma of kids only from a particular background being offered free food.

However, the truck will be delivering food to the schools where the kids need it most.

Feed hungry children

The more money Launch Foods generates, the more kids they can feed – it’s as simple as that.

Just £5 from you will ensure less children in Scotland go home from school hungry.

Maybe we can’t solve all the problems which lead to food poverty in Scotland – but we can help ensure primary school kids don’t go home with empty bellies.

Primary school children are Scotland’s future – let’s help look after them and give them the care they deserve.

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I dont' like the fact that kids are hungry and cold regardless of how the situation came about. Children should grow up carefree and enjoy their childhood.

Anne M.

I like the fact that you can help the children of Scotland, nobody should be hungry.

Bryan C.

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Important Information

Donations may be purchased until 10.05.18.

You can choose to donate £5 or multiples of £5.

By donating through 5pm.co.uk, 100% of your donation goes to Launch Foods, the social enterprise running the project.

Each donation will help fund the running costs of the project to alleviate food poverty in Scotland.

Once your donation has been made, no further action is necessary. Your donation will go directly to Launch Foods.

Multiple donations may be made.

Donations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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