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Ancient acupuncture techniques aimed at helping with hair loss

Chinese shiatsu massage to help with hair loss

Specialists in Chinese medicine

City centre location

Modern technology has meant that getting lost is almost a thing of the past. Before sat navs, GPS systems and smart phones were commonplace, even simple journeys like a navigating a new route to the corner shop could be fraught with direction loss difficulties.

Despite their uses, all the new techie toys have yet to prevent hair becoming lost. When hairlines start receding over the forehead’s horizon, all the sat navs in the world won’t bring it back on track.

Where modern technology fails, ancient eastern wisdom may be able to help.

The Chinese Medical Centre offers traditional therapies for a range of problems, including hair loss.

All of the practitioners at the Chinese Medicine Centre have degrees from well respected universities which specialise in traditional Chinese medicine.

Their mission is to improve people’s general health and their quality of life by using techniques which restore a sense of balance and harmony within the body.

Disappearing follicles are nothing new but nor is Chinese medicine which dates back over 3500 years.

In that time, Chinese physicians have developed several treatments designed to help with hair loss.

Today’s Big Deal is a for a hair loss treatment session and includes both acupuncture and shiatsu massage methods aimed at promoting a healthy head of hair

Want to see if Chinese medicine can show you a roadmap back from hair loss?

Today’s Big Deal is:

£9.99 for a hair loss treatment session including acupuncture and shiatsu at Glasgow city centre Chinese Medical Centre; a 71% saving on the standard £35.

From £9.99
Usually £35.00
Discount 71%
Saving £25.01

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