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Usually £210
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What’s Included

Three sessions of laser tattoo removal at Cosmetic Beauty Clinic

Treat areas up to four inches square

Treatments carried out by experts in laser tattoo removal

Safe, effective and non-scarring treatment

There are some things in life which, ideally, would last forever. True love, friendship, The Sopranos box set and the ability to zip up a pair of 28 inch trousers all spring to mind.

Other things, let’s say mullets and tattoos, seem like bright ideas at the time but come to lose their shine pretty quickly.

Apart from the mental shame, mullets are easy to deal with. Unwanted tattoos present rather more problems.

As well as having a potential impact on job prospects, they can be unwanted reminders of the past or simply unsightly.

The dolphin done on a gap year in Goa may seem less attractive when applying for a job ten years later.

Today’s Big Deal with Glasgow’s new Cosmetic Beauty Clinic can help remove unwanted tattoos safely, effectively and without scarring.

Recently established to offer a range of revolutionary hi-tech beauty treatments, the Cosmetic Beauty Clinic uses a special laser to break up the pigment which makes tattoos.

If you want to get techie about it, the clinic uses a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

The treatment is carried out by one of the original researchers who pioneered this technique at the Canniesburn Hospital in the Eighties.

The Big Deal is for three treatment sessions on areas up to four inches square. Larger areas will be charged more but still at a discounted rate.

The total number of treatments required will depend on the tattoo. Professional works usually need more sessions than amateur tattoos.

If you want to start erasing existing tattoos then today’s Big Deal can help give your skin a fresh start:

£99 for three sessions of laser tattoo removal at the Cosmetic Beauty Clinic; a 52% saving on the standard £210

From £99.00
Usually £210
Discount 52%
Saving £111

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