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Two week Shape Up for Summer Boot Camp with Personal Training Scotland

Two full day boot camps

Up to five other boot camp classes each week

Includes nutrition workshops, weight loss eating plans and follow-up support system

Back in the Dark Ages, keeping fit was not just easy-peasy; it was necessary to survive. Hungry bears still roamed the county; murderous Viking raids were frequent occurrences and the double choc chip doughnut milkshake had yet to be invented.

Fast forward to the 21st century and double choc chip doughnut milkshakes roam the country looking for waists to enlarge while the absence of peckish Grizzlies and axe-wielding Scandies has done away with two compelling reasons to keep in shape.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the shape of today’s Big Deal with Personal Training Scotland and their two week New Beginnings Shape Up for Summer Boot Camp.

The deal has several parts.

It includes two full day boot camps (8am-5pm) which will be held at the Lochinch Facility (the Strathclyde Police Sports and Recreation building) in Glasgow’s Pollock Country Park on Sunday 7th and 21st August. Healthy drinks and food are supplied on these days.

Taking place between the 7th and 21st August, the Big Deal also includes a schedule of weight loss eating plans; optimal nutrition workshops, motivational workshops and Boot Camp exercise sessions. Typical exercise sessions might include a mix of kettle bells, commando-style strength and conditioning, military fitness and body weight blast.

These workshops and sessions take place in the following locations on the following days:

Mondays: 7-8 pm, Bothwell Castle
Tuesdays: 7-8 pm, Lochinch
Wednesdays: 7-8 pm, Kelvingrove
Saturdays: 9-10 am, Lochinch
Sundays: 9-10 am, Kelvingrove

Fully qualified and insured, the Personal Training Scotland team are all registered exercise professionals who specialise in all aspects of fitness.

The New Beginnings Boot Camps have successfully helped hundreds of people realise their dreams by motivating their clients.

But the help doesn’t stop when the two weeks are up, Personal Training Scotland then offer a unique, follow-up support system to create long term, life changing results.

If you want to drop a dress or lose a belt notch, then this is the answer.

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Important Information

Vouchers are valid until from Sunday 7th to Sunday 21st August.


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