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For generations, mankind has enjoyed a fish supper. Thanks to today’s Big Deal, the boot is on the other, er, fin and our aquatic chums are exacting a rather enjoyable revenge and gently nibbling back.

But this isn’t some sort of Jaws scenario. Think of it as a mutually beneficial exchange: the fish get fed and your tootsies get an effective spring clean.

The Pisces Foot Pedicure salon is part of a growing fashion for fishy pedicures. You sink your feet into a tub of warm water filled with around a hundred tiny carp which are called Gurra rufa, also known as doctor fish.

They are toothless so while they are happy to vacuum up your dead skin, calluses and other stubborn ailments, healthy skin is left untouched.

The treatment started in Turkey as a therapy for skin diseases but, in recent years, it has very quickly become popular all over the world.

It is not at all painful although it can be gently ticklish. Fans of the process claim that it leaves the skin on your feet feeling wonderfully soft. It takes about twenty minutes.

Today’s Big Deal is for a Pisces Foot Pedicure in the Forge Shopping Centre in Glasgow. However, another branch of Pisces Foot Pedicure will open in the Clydebank Shopping Centre on Tuesday 22 March and the voucher will also be valid there.

If you want to net a voucher to use at either branch of Pisces Foot Pedicure then today’s Big Deal is:

£8 for a Pisces Foot Pedicure; a 60% reduction on the standard £20

From £8.00
Usually £20.00
Discount 60%
Saving £12.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 8th June 2011.

Please note that is a walk-in service, and does not need to be booked in advance.


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