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Soft, smooth feet

Relaxing pedicure

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Some of the later Roman emperors were such keen luxury lovers that they would make today’s WAGs look like turnip-munching peasants. In fact, even Prince Charles with his royal toothpaste-squeezer seems like a hair shirt-wearing puritan compared to the real Roman ravers.

The more hedonistic ones had slaves dedicated to specific tasks such as grape-peeling, ear hair-trimming and toilet seat-warming. The office of the imperial cludgie-warmer was actually a highly sought after post.

But, for all their pleasure-seeking ways, even the most decadent Roman emperor didn’t get to enjoy the experience of having his feet manicured by hundreds of little Garra Rufa fish.

Having a piscine pedicure is the health and beauty sector’s hottest trend and today’s Big Deal with the Goddess Day Spa in Paisley is a tempting opportunity to sample the finny fashion.

The process is simple. You book an appointment, turn up, wash your feet and then lower them into a tank containing the Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish.

The fish gently clean away all the dead skin from your feet, leaving them soft and smooth. The fish have no teeth and the process doesn’t hurt at all. It’s more like being tickled very lightly but in a pleasant, relaxing way.

Some people compare the effects to reflexology or acupressure. It would be the perfect way to pamper your little piggies after a long, hot shopping spree.

A stress-free, welcoming salon, the Goddess Day Spa is a tranquil spot in which to enjoy this novel way of feeding the fish.

If you fancy a soothing pedicure that would turn a Roman emperor green with envy then today’s Big Deal is:
£9 for a fifteen minute Garra Rufa fish pedicure at the Goddess Day Spa in Paisley; a 55% saving on the standard £20

From £9.00
Usually £20.00
Discount 55%
Saving £11.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 29/10/2011.

Voucher holders must make a booking.

Cancellations require a 48 hour notification period.


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