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A visit to the doctors is not always a pleasant experience. Ten minutes in the lurgy paradise of the waiting room is often enough to convince many people that time is actually the best cure for most complaints and that , perhaps, they would be better off just nipping home and taking a duvet day.

However, there is one maritime medical practitioner who is always a pleasure to visit. Doctor Fish, which are also known as Garra Rufa, are tiny, little finny friends who are always happy to help with a host of unsightly feet problems.

Having a fish pedicure is a new craze which is sweeping the world like an army of mini-foot-cleaning soldiers.

The concept is simple. Patients wash their tootsies and then dangle them in a tank full of Doctor Fish. The fish swim up to the dipped feet and gently vacuum away any dead skin.

It doesn’t hurt. They don’t bite. Instead, it feels a little as though someone is stroking your feet with a feather although it’s perhaps a little less tickly then that.

Remove your feet from the pool and the fish will just fall away. After twenty minutes, the dangled feet feel smooth and soft while the fish feel as though they have just had a splendid lunch. Everyone is a winner.

Having a piscine pedicure is proving so popular at Wishaw’s Premier Beauty Salon that this deal is only available at the following times:

Mondays 10am-2pm
Tuesdays 10am-4pm
Wednesdays 10am-5pm
Thursdays 10am-7pm
Fridays 10am-6pm
Saturdays 10am-4pm

If you want to see what Doctor Fish can do for your feet, then snap up today’s Big Deal:

£8 for a 20 minute fish pedicure at Premier Beauty in Wishaw; a 60% saving on the standard £20

From £8.00
Usually £20.00
Discount 60%
Saving £12.00

Important Information

The offer is subject to availability and restricted to one voucher per client although multiple vouchers may be bought as gifts.

Vouchers are valid until 30th June 2011.

Clients must not wear nail polish or fake tan within 24 hours of their appointment. No open cuts veruccas or athletes foot accepted.


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