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Seraglio definition:

A harem, a place for keeping wives or concubines, sometimes, (loosely) a place of licentious pleasure, a house of debauchery.

Surely if this incredible deal is not interesting enough then the wine name really pushes this deal into the guilty pleasure category.

This Aussie sparkling wine is pretty special. A delicious, fragrant and frivolous sparkler, which has ample pear, apple and tropical fruit. Character on the nose which leads through to a palate of crisp, citrus and creamy pineapple.

Whether you want a few bottles of sparkling wine for the fast approaching barbecue season or simply to start stocking up for Christmas, today’s Big Deal offers twelve bottles of Seraglio Brut Reserve for the price of six.

The deal comes from the Cross Stobs Bottle Shop in Barrhead. A family business, it is run by people who are passionate about great wine and skilled at finding cracking bottles from all over the world.

Working with small independent wine suppliers allows the Cross Stobs team to build strong relationships with them. In turn, this means that they can negotiate the most competitive prices and still exceed their customers’ expectations on quality. As you will discover when you crack a bottle of the Seraglio Brut Reserve.

Cross Stobs Bottle Shop reckon that ‘even if you are new to the world of wine or have never had a sip before, we have something that will suit your taste buds.’

Working out at £6.25 a bottle, today’s Big Deal will certainly suit most budgets.

Designed to counter the gloom of the Credit Crunch, todays Big Deal gives you plenty of bubbles for your bucks.

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If you want a case of top notch Aussie fizz at a price that won’t leave you feeling flat then today’s Big Deal is:

£75 for twelve bottles of Seraglio Brut Reserve and free home delivery: a 50% saving on the standard £154

From £77.00
Usually £154
Discount 50%
Saving £77.00

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Vouchers are valid until 7th July 2011.


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