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A twenty minute fish pedicure

Removes dead skin and leaves feet smooth

A relaxing treat for the feet

Walk in service, no booking required

When we aren’t eating them, history is filled with examples of happy co-operation between humans and members of the animal kingdom.

From Flipper the Dolphin to Champion the Wonder Horse via Tarzan’s banana-loving pal Cheetah, many people have enjoyed close and mutually beneficial relationships with our furry and finned friends.

That mutual love affair has reached new peaks with the piscine pedicures provided by Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish.

Today’s Big Deal is for a twenty minute fish pedicure at Pisces Fish Pedicure at the Parkhead Forge in Glasgow.

After an application of cleansing spray, voucher holders can dip their tired tootsies in a tank filled with peckish Garra Rufa.

Both harmless and toothless, the little fish leave healthy skin untouched but remove dead skin from the feet.

It isn’t sore at all but, once the slight tickly feeling has passed, the feeling of the tiny fish vacuuming the feet is strangely relaxing.

After twenty minutes, the finned helpers will have your feet looking neat and feeling smooth. When the fish pedicure has finished, your feet will be hydrated with moisturising cream to leave them feeling silky and supple.

This is a walk in service so you don’t need to make a prior appointment. Just pop in when you want to treat your feet.

Health and beauty customers of 5pm have enjoyed their experiences of Pisces Fish Pedicure.

Writing on the site in May, Dorothy Rodden reckoned that her fish pedicure was:

‘Bliss. A nice way to spend 20 minutes. Not only do you get your feet sorted out but just sitting there doing nothing else but watching fish swimming in a tank is bliss.’ Rating 4/5

If you want to forge new ties with our fishy friends then today’s Big Deal is:

£7 for a twenty minute pedicure at Pisces Fish Pedicure at the Parkhead Forge; a 65% saving on the standard £20

From £7.00
Usually £20.00
Discount 65%
Saving £13.00

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