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What’s Included

3 sessions of i-Lipo

3 sessions of FLABéLOS Vibration Plate

As seen on Channels 4’s Supersize V Superskinny

Full Qualified i-Lipo Therapist

FDA Approved

Christmas is a long way off and no-one apart from my eight-year-old nephew even wants to start thinking about how many shopping days are left.

However, if you have nagging doubts about fitting into your LBD for the party season then now is the time to take action.

Take up today’s Big Deal with i-Lipo at Rebel Rouge in Glasgow city centre and you can begin to get into shape in plenty of time for the festive frolics.

Laser technology

The deal is for three sessions of i-Lipo laser treatment and three ten minute sessions on the FLABéLOS Vibration Plate at Rebel Rouge on Sauchiehall Street.

As seen on Supersize Vs Superskinny, the i-Lipo is a painless, non-invasive laser treatment which uses the latest in lipolysis technology to achieve dramatic inch loss in areas of stubborn fat.

Body sculpting

A revolutionary system for fat reduction and skin tightening in both men and women, the fat-melting laser system is a safe and fast treatment for body sculpting which has been approved by the FDA in America.

Administered by a fully qualified i-Lipo therapist, each i-Lipo treatment is followed by a ten-minute session on the FLABéLOS Vibration Plate to ensure that the released fat can be metabolised immediately by the body.

Ten minute tone up

A popular way to tone up and trim down, the FLABéLOS system is simple and easy to use: stand on the FLABéLOS machine, put your feet apart and then select your desired programme level.

Over a ten minute session, the tilting movement on the platform alternates continuously as the machine works through a sequence of vibration levels.

Each session works the thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach. It is a whole body workout in just ten minutes.

Lose inches

Part of the 5pm Health and Beauty team, the Big Deal’s Gillian has been a fan since losing 2.8 inches from her hips after one treatment of i-Lipo and one session on the FLABéLOS Vibration Plate.

What other 5pm bookers like about this deal...

This is fantastic value for a very effective treatment. I had 3 treatments of I-lipo at Rebel Rouge a few months ago and, combined with 3 treatments of I-lipo ultra, I lost an average total of 3 inches from each thigh!!

Lesley S.

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Usually £237
Discount 70%
Saving £168

Important Information

Vouchers are valid, Mon-Sat, 01.09.12-01.12.12

Only 1 voucher can be used per client. However, multiple vouchers can be purchased as gifts.

Advance booking is required.

There is a 48 hour notice period in place for all cancellations. Failure to give sufficient notice may result in vouchers being invalidated.

i-Lipo treatment is not suitable for people with the following conditions: pregnancy, photosensitivity, cancer, immune/kidney/lymphatic disorders, gastric ulcers or wearing a pacemaker.

It is also unsuitable for areas with open wounds, active skin inflammation or recent bruising.


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