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We all know that eating five pieces of fruit or veg a day is the recommended route to health, happiness and generally bouncing about like Tigger on a pogo stick.

But let’s not pretend that eating those five pieces of fruit or veg is always easy. After all, chips don’t count and do you fancy a plateful of broccoli, spinach, turnips and sprouts with a side order of grapefruit?

Thought not.

The Original Smoothie Co is the fun and tasty way to help you and your colleagues or guests get your five-a-day.

The Original Smoothie Co will visit your workplace, event or meeting and supply up to 35 delicious, healthy fruit smoothies to your staff or guests. This is a popular and beneficial way to encourage your staff to make a healthy choice and stimulate their desire to become fitter and more health conscious in 2011.

Smoothies can provide at least two of the recommended five-a-day so they are a delicious way to start the day or give you an afternoon energy boost.

If you like your five-a-day to come with a kick then we even have some smoothies which, with the addition of alcohol, can make great smoothie cocktails; ideal for weddings and other celebration events.

Want to feel like a particularly bouncy Tigger? Today’s Big Deal is £50 for up to 35 smoothies delivered to your workplace, event or meeting by the Original Smoothie Co; a 50% saving on the usual £100

From £50.00
Usually £100
Discount 50%
Saving £50.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 18 March 2011.

This offer is limited to 50 vouchers.


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