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What’s Included

Personalised spoof front page

Headlines for all occasions

Written and designed by real journos

Fantastic gift idea

Stop the press! Big Deal Customers Scooped in Front Page Savings!
To use football manager speak, being splashed on the front page of a newspaper will, depending on the coverage, leave you feeling over the moon or gutted.

Take up today’s Big Deal with Scooped! and you can hit the headlines with a personalised front page that will leave you on top of the world rather than sick as a parrot.

And we can guarantee that no phones will be tapped in the making of this front page.

Front page

This fun Big Deal comes in two super soaraway versions:

You can choose to have your personalised, spoof newspaper front page made up as a Daily Scoop page


You can have it made up in the style of The Scotsman or Edinburgh Evening News.

Unique to you

Each spoof front page will be personalised using the details and photo you supply.

Whether you want celebrate a family member’s birthday; congratulate a newly married couple or tell your spouse that they are the best wife/husband ever, the Scooped! team have a headline to suit every occasion.

Your front page can be funny, serious or realistic – and can be based on music, football or a favourite hobby – whatever you want them to be.

Written by journalists

Creating your front page is done quickly and easily using the personal details you input to online templates. The Scooped! journalists take that info and turn it into attention-grabbing front pages.

The editor has ten years experience as a senior sub-editor for the best-selling national newspapers in the UK so you know they’ll look the real McCoy.

If you want to make the news, today’s Big Deal with Scooped! will set the agenda.

From £4.98
Usually £9.99
Discount 50%
Saving £5.01

Important Information

Subject to availability, vouchers are valid until 30.04.12.

Orders will be dispatched within 48 hours of Scooped! receiving your order details.

All orders will be subject to a £2.99 post and packaging charge.

Please allow 2-4 days for UK deliveries.



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