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What’s Included

1 Ultrasonic Slimming session

Non surgical alternative to liposuction

Featured in Australian OK and on Fox News

Easy to reach city centre salon

Love handles, muffin tops, moobs, pot bellies – they all sound kind of cute but curves in the wrong places are no laughing matter.

If you suck in your stomach when stepping on the bathroom scales then today’s Big Deal with Ultrasonic Slimming at the ELB Treatment Specialists Beauty Salon and Academy could be the ticket to a new you.

Revolutionary fat removal

Ultrasonic Slimming utilises a unique cavitation technology that allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits.

It uses targeted ultrasound waves that melt fat into fatty acids safely and allow them to be processed by the body’s normal processes.

No surgery

It does not involve surgery, anaesthetic, a hospital stay or time off work.

The process is instant and clients usually see results after just one session. Depending on individual body mass, typical results are between a 4-14cm loss in circumference.

Ideal for the stomach, thighs, bum and upper arms, the ultrasonic treatment safely and effectively targets localized fat deposits and reduces body circumference for successful body contouring.

Put more simply: it can help you drop a dress size fast.

In the news

The Ultrasonic Slimming treatment has been making the headlines with Fox News in the US running a very excited clip about its arrival in the States. In Australia, OK magazine did a test run on the treatment with their journalist concluding that ‘I lost 4cm from my hip area in under an hour! The results were the real deal.’

From £49.00
Usually £250
Discount 80%
Saving £201

Important Information

Vouchers are valid, Monday-Saturday, until 24.05.12.

There is a 24 hour cancellation notice period required on all appointments.

For maximum effect, the recommended treatment course is for 3-5 sessions.

Extra sessions can be purchased at a discount when booking your appointment.

Cannot be used if pregnant.

The Big Deal is for one session of the Ultrasonic Slimming treatment.

Multiple vouchers may be purchased as gifts however redemption is restricted to 1 voucher per person during the validity period.


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