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Apparently, the origins of the phrase ‘beauty is only skin deep’ are rooted in a poem written by Sir Thomas Overbury in 1613.

He wrote that ‘All the carnall beauty of my wife, is but skin deep’. Not long after, he was mysteriously poisoned and he died in the Tower of London.

Rumour has it that his wife later wrote a magazine article for the 17th century version of Heat which was titled ‘Still glad you got that poetry publishing deal?’

The unfortunate Sir Overbury was wrong on two counts. First, he should never have let his wife see the poem in question.

Second, beauty is more than skin deep. You might have a face like Angelina Jolie’s and the figure of Scarlett Johansson but if you are feeling bloated and out of sorts then you sure won’t feel beautiful.

Today’s Big Deal can help you feel beautiful both inside and out.

The Premier Beauty salon in Wishaw is offering one session of colonic irrigation, one warm stone colon massage and aftercare advice and nutrition for only £44.

These treatments can help you feel great in a number or ways:

‘The colonic treatment itself exercises and tones the bowel thus aiding the evacuation of waste both during and after treatment,’ says the salon. ‘The toxic load on the body is reduced.

‘Colonic treatment is now used in the UK as a naturopathic modality and is particularly useful in treating:

Primary bowel conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation where the bowel can be normalised through water temperature variation during treatment.

Bowel transit time is improved.

Many secondary conditions, especially those affecting the other eliminative organs (skin, urinary tract and lungs), where they are accompanied by poor bowel mechanics.

Body detoxification, when accompanied by dietary measures.

Low immune system.

Severe gas, bloating and constipation.’

If you want to feel beautiful inside as well as out then today’s Big Deal is:

£44 for colonic irrigation and warm stone colon massage at Premier Beauty in Wishaw; a 56% saving on the standard £99

From £44.00
Usually £99.00
Discount 55%
Saving £55.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 18 May 2011.

To redeem the voucher, the voucher recipient must make a booking.

Both treatments must be taken at same time.


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