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Usually £82.00
Discount 51%
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What’s Included

One pizza each from the thin and crispy pizza menu for four people

Two anti-pasta plates to share

Two chilled bottles of Prosecco to share

New branch from popular, well-established pizzeria

In the film Big Trouble in Little China, Kurt Russell has to battle a 2000 year-old magician to save the girl.

We can guarantee no such shenanigans will interrupt your Big Deal in Little SoHo Jordanhill but you will save £42 which is not to be sniffed at.

Opening on the 14th of November on the Crow Road, Little SoHo Jordanhill is a new venture from the popular SoHo pizzeria on Miller Street.

The original branch has been a big hit with 5pm users. Over 600 people have given it a combined score of 4.2/5 with the food, atmosphere, cocktails and value for money all getting plenty of thumbs up.

The new venture aims to follow in the footsteps of its older brother and today’s Big Deal is designed to be a great value introduction to Little Soho Jordanhill.

The Big Deal is four people and it starts by sharing two anti-pasta plates. The original SoHo is renowned for cooking its pizza in a stone bake oven and the Crow Road branch will also specialise in stone baked pizza.

Each of the four diners can select a pizza from the thin and crispy menu. Typical choices might be the pizza verdura topped with red peppers, onion and the house tomato sauce; the hot Italian with salami and jalapeños or, if you fancy something a little more adventurous, the black pudding, mozzarella and bacon pizza.

The deal also includes two bottles of nicely chilled Prosecco between the four guests.

Earlier this year, The Glaswegian newspaper reviewed the original SoHo on Miller Street with the reporter enjoying ‘a great night of amazing food and friendly service’.

Will the new Soho live up those high standards? Today’s Big Deal is an easy way to find out.

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Usually £82.00
Discount 51%
Saving £42.00

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Vouchers valid from 14.11.11 to 14.01.12


Little SoHo Jordanhill
512 - 518 Crow Road

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