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We’ve all seen them at this time of year. Who has not felt a pang of sympathy when glimpsing one of those men wearing a perpetual grimace of anguish as they drag themselves around the shops to a mocking soundtrack of Cliff or Roy Wood’s Wizzard, tormented by indecision about what to get their womenfolk for Christmas?

Do them a favour and whisper those three little words they need to hear. Actually, if we are being grammatically accurate, it’s only two: ‘Designer handbags’.

Pierre Cardin designer handbags to be precise, as featured in this Big Deal, available in a choice of 10 styles, all ready to be despatched to a loved one in time for Christmas. Result: undying gratitude and a free pass to watch footie on Boxing Day.

Customers of a female persuasion may like to secure one for themselves, just in case Santa lets you down. Again.

Designer treats

This Big Deal, brought to you by Minterr, a one-stop destination for designer clothing and accessories, offers Pierre Cardin handbags in a wide range of colours and styles.

Pierre Cardin designs are known for their avant-garde touches and hyper-modern look. Choose from a diverse selection of ten different styles to suit your preferences.

Colours include those evocative shades, arancio, nero, giallo, fuxia, azzurro, bianco and beige, or, if we really have to translate from the international language of fashion, orange, black, yellow, fuchsia, blue, white and, er, beige.

It’s a deal that might have some time-conscious menfolk thinking, wait, if this works for the wife, it might just work for the sister, mother-in-law, boss I want to suck up to… Smart thinking, especially when you note that purchases over £50 come with free delivery.

Festive winner

A must-have accessory for Christmas 2015, the Pierre Cardin handbags featured in today’s Big Deal offer the ideal opportunity to gain a few Brownie points for your gift ideas. About time.

It also helps that they are available at the click of a button and delivered to your door. So you don’t have to join the legion of lost souls wandering the aisles of the department stores haunted by the festive wails of Jona Lewie and Shane MacGowan. Losers.

From £39.00
Usually £89.00
Discount 56%
Saving £50.00

Important Information

Vouchers can be redeemed between 02.11.15 and 02.01.16.

The Big Deal is for a Pierre Cardin handbag, available in a choice of ten styles.

To redeem your voucher and to arrange delivery of your item/s, please visit Minterr Goods.

Discount applied at checkout.

Please redeem your voucher immediately to ensure availability of style and colour of bag.

A £4.99 delivery charge will be applied when you redeem your voucher and arrange for delivery of your purchase.

To add additional items to your order, please open the redemption link on any subsequent voucher purchases in the same browser and add to cart.

You can use up to 3 vouchers in a single order with 1 delivery charge.

Delivery within UK only.

Delivery can take up to 10 days so please redeem your voucher in advance in order to receive your goods before Christmas.

To view the complete range of bags and colours, please click here.

Please refer to Minterr Goods’ Ts&Cs.

Subject to availability and allocation. The beginning and end of validity period is often busiest. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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