From Deal
Usually £75.00
Discount 52%
Saving £39.00

What’s Included

A top to toe makeover for the holiday/party season

Spray tan

Individual lashes

Full set of your choice of hand and toe nails

Shellac, Minx or Acrylic nails

A recent survey showed that what people miss most when they are on holiday is a decent cup of tea; their own bed and being able to continue their favourite long-running feud with the neighbours.

Today’s Big Deal is no help with any of that but, if you are heading off somewhere sunny, it can ensure that you won’t have to try and explain that you would like a new set of Shellac toe nails using an out of date Spanish phrasebook.

Ideal for anyone who wants to look their best for going on holiday, or indeed anyone who is keen to be the belle of the ball at a big night out, today’s Big Deal is for a top to toe makeover.

The deal is with Glamour-Us on South Hallhill Road. Handy for public transport and about ten minutes from the city centre, the Glam girls are red hot on customer service.

A huge whack of their business is down to referrals and repeat customers.

If you want to know why their clients keep coming back then today’s Big Deal has the answer.
Designed to turn heads from Alicante to Argyle Street, the Big Deal is for:

A spray tan to make it look as though the beach is your natural habitat

Individual lashes for maximum flutter effect
A set of eye-catching hand and toe nails. You choose between Acrylic, Shellac or Minx
Apparently Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna are Minx girls but, hey, the choice is all yours.

If you want to knock ‘em dead from Sauchiehall Street to San Antonio, today’s Big Deal is:

£36 per person for The Ultimate Holiday Package at Glamour-Us includes spray tan, individual lashes, nails and toes with your choice of Acrylic, Shellac or Minx nails; a 52% saving on the standard £75

From £36.00
Usually £75.00
Discount 52%
Saving £39.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid for four months from date of issue.

If you want specific Minx nails then check with the salon first. They may need to order them in advance.


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2 Southhall Road
G33 4UR

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