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Usually £59.00
Discount 50%
Saving £30.00

What’s Included

Genuine Swarovski crystals

Only available at The Worxs

Great for clubbing, holidays or brides

Each crystal placed by hand to create a unique and stunning effect

Backs get a bum deal. Muffled in jumpers; hidden by T-shirts and smothered in shirts, they seldom get to feel the wind on their curves or the sun on their shoulder blades.

But the back liberation campaign starts here. From now on, there will be no more skulking under fleeces. It’s time to get behind the backbone and reclaim the rachis.

Enough lurking under layers of clothes. Backs are gorgeous and today’s deal on Swarovski body crystal art will put beautiful backs to the fore.

Give new meaning to the phrase, ‘I’ll be glad to see the back of her’ with today’s Big Deal at The Worxs Hair and Beauty in Glasgow’s West End.
The Great Western Road salon is bringing sexy back with Swarovski body crystals.

Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani are all said to be big fans of decorating their skin with eye-catching crystal designs and the trend is beginning to take off on these shores.

Ideal for clubbing; looking hot by the pool or a stunning way to make your wedding dress look unforgettable, the Worxs beauticians are skilled at creating body art using Swarovski crystals.

Only available at the Worxs Hair and Beauty salon, this treatment will dress your backbone with individually placed crystals.

Over the course of an hour, each crystal is placed by hand to create a unique and attention-grabbing piece of body art.

An old advertising slogan said that ‘if you want to get ahead then get a hat’. Today’s version should read ‘if you want to get ahead then bling your back’.

Today’s Big Deal is:

£29 to have your back decorated from top to bottom in an artistic design created using 100% genuine Swarovski crystals at The Worxs Hair and Beauty; a 50% saving on the standard £59

From £29.00
Usually £59.00
Discount 50%
Saving £30.00

Important Information

This voucher is valid until the 9th of September.


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