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The ancient Egyptians became accidental pioneers in facial makeover techniques when an attempt to sandblast some of the earliest graffiti from the Sphinx revealed a lovely, glowing complexion.

These days, enjoying a smooth, improved skin texture is no riddle: simply hook up to today’s Big Deal.

Techniques have been refined a fair bit since Cleopatra’s day and the latest whiz bang facial technology involves microdermabrasion.

The IM Beauty salon in Coatbridge is brand new but, while it looks as though it is just out of the box, its fully qualified staff have plenty of health and beauty experience, especially when it comes to microdermabrasion techniques.

The top layer of skin is often home to unwanted guests such as fine wrinkles, blemishes and acne scarring. Microdermabrasion can help improve these skin conditions as well as treat sun damage and pigmentation.

Facial microdermabrasion reveals your natural radiance and luminosity and can easily be incorporated into a beauty regime.
Microdermabrasion not only gives you smooth and improved skin texture and colour, it helps to stimulate collagen production and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Of course, it is not much use having a complexion that inspires poets to write about spring mornings if your nails look like more like a Marilyn Manson video. Fortunately, today’s Big Deal steps up to the gnarly nail plate.

The staff at IM Beauty are dab hands at manicures and a file and polish will soon have your nails looking ship-shape and ready to have a set of Minx nails applied over them.

If you want your face looking fresh and your nails looking fine then today’s big Deal is:

£24 for a microdermabrasion facial with a cleanse, tone and moisturising treatment; a file and polish plus set of Minx nails; a 69% reduction on the standard £78.50

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Discount 69%
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