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It looks likely that many journalists on a certain Sunday tabloid are about to be reminded by the forces of the law that bugging phones is illegal and can land you in hot water.

Today’s Big Deal involves bugging and offers as much fun as is legally possible while you are strapped to an inflatable rubber armchair and wearing a wetsuit.

It won’t land you in hot water but will almost certainly dook you in a river whose bracing temperature will get your heart racing like a hack seeing the coppers arrive in his newsroom.

Invented in New Zealand, the spiritual home of most mental outdoor pursuits, river bugs look like inflatable rubber armchairs.

Fully equipped with wetsuits, helmets and fins, adventure seekers are strapped into the bugs and then let loose on Scotland’s rivers.

Splash introduced river bugging to Scotland and they now have a fleet of 22 river bugs.

It doesn’t matter if you have bugged many times before or can’t tell one end of a wetsuit from the other. The Splash instructors are experts at demonstrating how to ride the bugs and shoot the rapids on the rivers Tay, Tummel and Feshie.

Whether you are floating down one of the quieter stretches of the Tay or ricocheting through the white water, river bugging is a great day out in the heart of Scotland’s beautiful countryside.

If you want to river bug through Scotland’s waterways then today’s Big Deal is:

£24 for a half day river bugging experience with Splash; a 52% reduction on the standard £50

From £24.00
Usually £50.00
Discount 52%
Saving £26.00

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Vouchers are valid every weekend from March until 30th June 2011.


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