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River-hugging is what more soppy environmentalists resort to when they can’t find a tree to embrace. The rivers like it but the trees can become a little green with envy.

By contrast, river-bugging is what adrenaline-seeking thrill monkeys do when the thought of plain old kayaking or rafting down a river is just too tame to contemplate.

Today’s Big Deal is not for softy sofa-clingers. Instead, it involves the brave and fearless being zipped into a wetsuit and safety gear and then strapped to an inflatable rubber armchair.

Once fully zipped and clipped into the river bug, adventure-lovers are launched into the foaming waters of Scotland’s waterways.

Specialists at enjoying the wilder side of the great outdoors, Splash introduced river bugging to Scotland from New Zealand, the country that also invented other wacked-out adventure activities such as crocodile cage fighting and volcano-surfing.

It doesn’t matter if you have bugged a billion times before or if you can’t tell a waterfall from a whirlpool.

The Splash instructors are experts at demonstrating how to ride the bugs safely and shoot the rapids on the River Tummel.

Whether you are sailing serenely down one of the calmer stretches of the Tummel or rocketing through the white water, river bugging is a unique way to enjoy Scotland’s nature-based eye candy.

If you want to river bug through Scotland’s waterscape then today’s Big Deal is:

£24 for a half day river bugging experience with Splash; a 60% reduction on the standard £60

From £24.00
Usually £60.00
Discount 60%
Saving £36.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid every weekend until 31st July 2011.

The age limit on this offer is 16.


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