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After the seasonal mince pie avalanche, many of us will be keen to get off the sofa and try to work off recent excesses. According to its fans, and there are oodles of them, Pilates won’t bring about world peace or solve the energy crisis but it can fix almost anything else.

In particular, if your tummy has started to resemble a plum duff or your back is twingetastic after pulling an all night Wallace and Gromit-watching session then Pilates might be able to help. A flatter stomach, reduced back pain, improved posture and great all over tone sounds a much better way to start the New Year than flabby and doubled over from mainlining brandy butter.

At SJ Fitness in Glasgow’s West End, the four week Pilates beginner class takes you through all the basic moves and disciplines of this popular exercise system. Each hour long class will help you learn the right way to do Pilates from the very start. The classes are small with a maximum of twelve people so each Pilates novice will get plenty of instruction. You will also get homework so that you can work on your technique in between classes.

And the price of starting this journey to a trim and toned new you? Just £22 for the four week Pilates beginner course at SJ Fitness. Each class lasts an hour and that £22 is a lovely 55% off the normal £49 price.

From £22.00
Usually £49.00
Discount 55%
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