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Usually £40.00
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See if you took all the pasta used in the various Di Maggio’s restaurants over the course of a week and stuck it all together in one big, long line, do you know how far it stretch?

Nope? Me neither but it would probably go to the Moon and back or twice around the Earth. Or it would fill eight Olympic swimming pools or something.

Who makes up these daft units of measurement, anyway? No-one ever asks how far London is and receives the reply, ‘Less than a thousandth of the distance to the Moon’.

Anyway, the point is, the Di Maggio’s group of restaurants are almost certainly Scotland’s favourite suppliers of Italian American home style dishes.

From their famous Bad Ass Wings via the baby back ribs to their tummy-pleasing selection of pastas and pizza, the Di Maggio’s restaurants are past masters at giving customers what they want.

While the business has grown hugely since it started out in Shawlands in 1985, it is still a family business at heart hence their motto of ‘Our family serving your family’.

If you want to know just why the Di Maggio’s restaurants keep on winning awards, not least for the Maw, Paw and Weans category at the recent Glasgow Restaurant Awards, then take advantage of today’s Big Deal and find out for yourself.

Today’s Big Deal is £20 for any two starters, two mains (pizza or pasta) plus tea or coffee from their Big Deal menu; a 50% saving on the standard £40

From £20.00
Usually £40.00
Discount 50%
Saving £20.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 31/03/11

This deal is available Sunday- Friday, all day in Di Maggio’s West End, Shawlands, East Kilbride, Hamilton and Airdrie.

At the Royal Exchange Square & Theatreland branches, it is available Sunday – Friday after 8pm only.

Max three vouchers per table.


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