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A Brazilian wax to get beach ready

Ultra-fashionable vajazzle using Swarovski crystals

Choose from six different designs

City centre salon

In the 18th century, the landscape architect Capability Brown created many of the UK’s most famous gardens and parklands. In the 21st century, the cast of The Only Way Is Essex is having a similar decorative effect on the nation’s lady gardens.

Whether the trend for vajazzling your vajayjay has the life expectancy of, say, Brown’s designs at Kew Gardens remains to be seen but, if you fancy adding a little sparkle to your pubic patio then today’s Big Deal is for you.

Tanz ‘n’ Hanz is situated in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City. A compact, friendly salon, they are long experienced at relaxing their customers and making intimate treatments seem easy.

Ideal for the holiday season, the Big Deal starts with a Brazilian wax to remove any unwanted hair and leave the skin smooth. You can choose from a range of six different Swarovski crystal designs to decorate your body.

The beautician will apply the crystals using a derma-tested adhesive which will not irritate the skin. The vajazzle crystals are not pointed or sharp to the touch, and will not hurt your man if he rubs against them.

When applied correctly to smooth, clean, dry skin, the vajazzle should last one or two weeks. Popular with people going on holiday, a vajazzle applied just above the bikini line can look very pretty.

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They can be worn when swimming as they are waterproof, however, prolonged periods in water may shorten the length of time that they stay on before beginning to loosen.

Although vajazzling refers to applying crystals to the pubic area, there is no reasons why crystals can’t be placed anywhere on your body to add a bit of glamour or bling.

If you want to put some pizzazz in your pants then today’s Big Deal is:

£19 for a Brazilian wax treatment with a Swarovski Vajazzle at Tanz ‘n’ Hanz; a 57% saving on the standard £45

From £19.00
Usually £45.00
Discount 57%
Saving £26.00

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There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place on all appointments.


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