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According to the nursery rhyme Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross, the fine lady equestrian in question wore ‘bells on her toes’.

While this may have cut quite a dash in 16th century England, in 21st century Glasgow city centre it is more likely to make you the object of rude laughter.

In general, livestock wear bells so shepherds can find them. Great on an Alpine pasture. Less useful in a nightclub.

Avoid time-travelling fashion faux pas with today’s Big Deal on a Gel Pro polish and a sprinkle of pretty Swarovski crystals on your dainty little toes.

The Only Way is Essex may have popularised the Vajazzle but that’s not the sort of look that you will want to share with everybody.

By contrast, after a long lasting Gel Pro polish and an application of glam Swarovski crystals at The Brow Studio, you will be dying to show off your sparkling tootsies to anyone who fancies a peek.

The only possible downside to this Big Deal (and to be honest, it’s actually a bonus) is that your bling new toenails might just encourage you go and buy some equally glam open-toe heels.

Over a glass of bubbly at the Brow Studio, you can choose whether you want a French polish or colour gel on your nails and, of course, the crystals come in a variety of bedazzling colours.

If you want your toes to do the talking then get ahead of the celeb curve with today’s Big Deal:

£19 for a Gel Pro polish with Swarovski crystals on the toes plus a glass of bubbly at The Brow Studio in Glasgow’s West End; a 61% saving on the standard £49

From £19.00
Usually £49.00
Discount 61%
Saving £30.00

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Vouchers valid until 25/07/2011

A 48hr cancellation notice operates for bookings.


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