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What’s Included

CryBaby Semi Permanent Mascara application

Custom tailored for each client

Lasts two weeks or longer

Revolutionary new treatment

Also includes eyebrow makeover featuring a re-shape and tint

Human eyelashes are like cat whiskers. They act as early warning sensors which tell the brain when something is close to the face.

Recently, feline evolution has reversed the process and stylish moggies about town have started aping human behaviour and using mascara to achieve thicker lashes.

It suits many of them but their attempts at using lippie still leave a lot to be desired.
Today’s Big Deal on CryBaby Mascara at Tina Steenberg can help every woman get glamour puss lashes.

Until now, existing eyelash treatments have not always been glitch-free.

Tints fade. Extensions fall out. Strip lashes aren’t moisture-proof, they are often expensive and can be uncomfortable to wear.

Currently taking the beauty industry by storm, CryBaby is the latest in a new generation of semi permanent mascara.

Just arrived in the UK, CryBaby Mascara is an easy to use, durable and affordable way to thicken, lengthen and enhance eyelashes.

Professionally applied by the fully trained and certified technicians at the Tina Steenberg Boutique Spa, CryBaby Mascara is custom-mixed for every client.

The treatment adds volume, length, curl and colour to lashes but, because it is custom-mixed, you can choose the look you want to achieve.

CryBaby Mascara is 100% waterproof and smearproof. Best of all, with proper care, CryBaby lasts two weeks and often longer.

To match your gorgeous new lashes, today’s Big Deal also includes an eyebrow makeover featuring a re-shape and tint.

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Important Information

Vouchers are valid for three months from date of issue.

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to your appointment if you are having the CryBaby treatment.


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