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¼ lb (113 grammes) finest hot smoked Scottish trout

1 lb (453 grammes) finest Scottish smoked salmon

First class UK-wide delivery

Locally sourced fish

Great Christmas gift idea

Ideal for a seafood dinner party

Roughly around the same second that the leftover Christmas turkey is finally finished, we will all be bombarded with advice on detox and diet plans.

Today’s Big Deal offers a neat way to eat both healthily and, this is this is the important bit, enjoyably.

The public are always being told to eat more fish as part of a balanced diet and today’s Big Deal is a luxuriously delicious way to follow medical advice.

Finest Scottish seafood

Two Fat Ladies and the Scottish Fishmonger have joined forces to offer the following bumper pack of seafood:

¼ lb (113 grammes) of Scottish hot smoked trout – the finest fillets of Scottish trout hot smoked using traditional methods

1 lb (453 grammes) of top quality Scottish smoked salmon – gently cured and smoked over Bladnoch whisky oak chips by the St James Smokehouse in Annan, one of Scotland’s few remaining, family-run smokehouses.

Seafood A Team

Today’s Big Deal comes courtesy of a match made in piscine paradise. The Two Fat Ladies Restaurants are well known in Glasgow for their tasty take on fish and shellfish.

The Scottish Fishmonger is a Glasgow-based, family-run business which has been supplying fresh quality produce for over three generations.

They start every day at 3am to ensure they can deliver the best catch at the best prices for their customers. The majority of their fish is sourced in Scotland and, as often as they can, it comes from sustainable stocks.

Fantastic gift idea

Working together with Big Deal, Two Fat Ladies and The Scottish Fishmonger have devised an offer which would make an ideal Christmas gift.

Give the voucher to a friend and they can choose when they want their luxury fish delivered at any point between the 9th January 2012 and the end of March.

From £18.50
Usually £37.00
Discount 50%
Saving £18.50

Important Information

Vouchers are valid 09.01.12-31.03.12.

There is a 48 hour dispatch notice period for all orders.


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