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A careful study of the Flintstones cartoons has revealed that before the invention of the combustion engine, man would try to drive around in proto-pedal cars made from wood and stone. These had good and bad points.

Among the bad points was the fact that, even if you could get them going, these cars had a top speed of around three miles a week.

Among the good points were the facts that they used no petrol (fossil fuel had yet to be invented) and they were almost impossible to tow away.

Fortunately for today’s drivers, cars are much more efficient at getting around but they are also rather more complicated than those favoured by Fred Flintstone and his peers.
Thanks to today’s Big Deal, you can take your first step towards the happy day when you emerge from your local test centre brandishing a pass certificate and shouting a happy ‘Yabbadabbadooo!’

Featuring fully qualified, insured and experienced instructor, Alan Gibb Driving helps learner drivers in East Kilbride, East Renfrewshire and Glasgow’s south side to pass their driving tests.

Always calm and relaxed the instructor is used to teaching nervous learners and has plenty of experience in soothing the worries of beginner drivers.
Whether you have never sat in the driving seat of a car before or, if you have already got some driving experience, you can use today’s Big Deal to measure how ready you are to sit your test.

Over the course of the two hour lesson, your instructor will be able to assess your driving ability and work out what further preparation you need to get your license.
If you want to get your driving skills out of the Stone Age and into the starting grid then today’s Big Deal is £18 for a two hour taster driving lesson with Alan Gibb Driving; a 55% reduction on the standard £40

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