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What’s Included

Whiten your teeth by several shades

Instant results

Safe procedure

Results can last up to two years

Shabby chic may be a desirable label if you are a fashion designer but it is less appealing when applied to teeth.

One imagines that a supermodel would be less than delighted with a picture caption that read: Are stained teeth this season’s shabby chic?

Say goodbye to last season’s manky molars and get your canines catwalk ready with today’s Big Deal at Bright Whiteteeth.

Bright Whiteteeth offer the most sophisticated whitening gels on the market and have been developed by some of the world’s top dental experts.

It’s a very safe treatment. Substantial clinical and laboratory research has shown that teeth whitening gels have no adverse effects on teeth or gums.

The active ingredient in their solution is Carbamide Peroxide. When this breaks down, oxygen is released.

Similar to skin, teeth have ‘pores’. The oxygen released from the whitening solution penetrates through the pores surrounding the organically stained deposits and gently removes them.

This process renews the overall tooth shade close to its natural colour.

The Bright Whiteteeth kit includes

3 × 22% strength gels, enough for 36 applications

3 (1 spare) customised mouth trays

A mouth tray container

Full instruction manual

Their easy to use, home whitening kit, gives instant results which last up to two years.

A bright smile with clean, white teeth can boost confidence and change the way that people see you. If you want to give your smile a glamorous make-over then today’s Big Deal is:

£17 plus £3.99 p+p for an easy to use, home whitening kit from Bright Whiteteeth; an 82% saving on the standard £99.99

From £17.00
Usually £99.99
Discount 83%
Saving £82.99

Important Information

Vouchers are valid for two months from date of issue.

Postage and packaging is an additional £3.99.

Bright Whiteteeth aim to dispatch orders within 4-5 working days but, due to the potential high volume of orders, it may take up to 12 days to dispatch your order after redeeming your voucher.


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