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Luxury pedicure

Your choice of OPI Polish

Foot and leg massage

Includes glass of champagne

Southside salon close to good transport links

Some luxuries are glam, others are glum.

Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield is said to have bathed in pink champagne at least twice a year. That’s glam.

At the Starkenberg Spa in Austria, one of the treatments available is a spa pool filled with 42,000 pints of lager. That’s glum.

As you might imagine, the lager lake is popular with male beer fans. Bobbing in the beer and crowned with froth, they must look a little like those pics of monkeys sitting in hot water pools on snowy days.

Today’s Big Deal is much more glam than glum, more Hollywood than hairy beer-lover.

Francesca’s Champagne and Nail Bar is clean, hygienic and trendy salon situated at the end of Battlefield Road, beside Hampden Park in Glasgow’s Southside.

Usefully, it’s only a two minute walk from Langside Train Station.
Nail technician and beautician Norah Burke has 14 years experience in nail enhancements and has a flair for design and contemporary nail art.

But Norah is just part of the big picture at Francesca’s. Dedicated to personal and friendly service, the entire technician team at Francesca’s are all on a mission to give their clients the nails they want.

Today’s Big Deal starts with a glass of champagne and putting your tired tootsies in for a soak.

The Francesca crew will then gently remove hard skin and get down to a serious pamper regime of buffing, clipping and filing before finishing your nails with an OPI Polish of your choice.

As well as making your feet look neat, a foot and leg massage will help them feel dandy.
Francesca’s Champagne and Nail Bar has garnered some very enthusiastic reviews from customers on 5pm’s health and beauty site.

‘Five star treatment as usual, plus yummy glass of champagne to boot!’ was the chuffed response from Heather Stewart, writing on the site in July.

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Usually £45.00
Discount 64%
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Francesca's Champagne Nail Bar
9 Cordiner Street
Mount Florida
G44 4TY

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