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Fireflies glow because they mix oxygen with luciferin in their light organs. This chemical reaction gives off plenty of light but very little heat. They do this in order to attract mates and to warn off predators.

Take advantage of today’s Big Deal with Firefly Accessories and you will certainly attract plenty of admiring glances and you can even pick up a handbag with which to ward off more unwelcome attention.

Based in Glasgow, the Firefly Accessories website sells a stunning collection of silk handbags, handmade jewellery and fashion accessories.

By joining in today’s Big Deal, you can bring your spring wardrobe to life with beautiful silk handbags, scarves, purses and accessories.

Firefly Accessories also produces a wide range of handmade jewellery that you can mix and match with the other accessories.

Designed exclusively for Firefly Accessories, their beaded jewellery is made in small quantities so that you can enjoy wearing pieces that you won’t see on other people.

While many of Firefly’s pieces are exclusive to the company, they won’t break the bank with silk zip purses starting at £4 while the most expensive jewellery is under £50.

If you want to make like a firefly and light up the space around you then today’s Big Deal means that you can have a £34 voucher to spend at the Firefly Accessories website for £15; a saving of 55%.

From £15.00
Usually £34.00
Discount 55%
Saving £19.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 12.06.2011.

If the cost of the items chosen exceeds £34 then the difference must be paid at our checkout.

If the order is less than £34, no change will be refunded.

Please note that a postage charge of £2.50 will apply at checkout.

One voucher per person. Multiples may be bought as gifts.


Firefly Accessories

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