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When George Harrison wrote Here Comes the Sun, he wasn’t thinking about taking a holiday in Scotland.

Especially in February, the sun is rarely sighted north of the border and, when it does show its face, it tends to look a bit mopey, as though it’s just had its bottom skelped.

Thanks to today’s big Deal offer at Tanz ‘n’ Hanz in Glasgow’s Merchant City, we can put a much sunnier complexion on the month of February and save you money while you tan.

If you really want to wave goodbye to peelie-wallie and purr a sexy ‘Hola’ to sun-kissed skin then make tracks for Ingram Street.

A friendly and relaxed salon, Tanz ‘n’ Hanz features experienced staff who can give lots of useful advice on your tan.

Whether you want a deep, bronzed look or simply want to shake off the worst of the winter pallor, Tanz ‘n’ Hanz can help you get the tan that you want.

Using a variety of sun beds, booths and panels with different power settings, it is easy to get the skin colour that you want at Tanz ‘n’ Hanz.

Even if the sun can’t be bothered putting in much of an appearance until later on in the year, you can look as though you have just come back from a beach break thanks to today’s Big Deal:

£13.50 for a 60 minute self tanning session at Tanz ‘n’ Hanz; a 55% saving on the standard £30.

All together now, ‘Here comes the sun, doobie doobie’.

From £13.50
Usually £30.00
Discount 55%
Saving £16.50

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