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Easy to use home teeth whitening kit

Lightens teeth by several shades

Feel more confident about your smile

Takes effect within first few applications

Comprehensive instruction manual included

The bookies are giving odds of 5/2 on there being a white Christmas in Aberdeen this year.

Snap up today’s Big Deal on a Natural Smiles Teeth Whitening kit from Natural Lash and Bronze and we bet that you can have a smile brighter than that of Frosty the Snowman.

Safe, easy to use and with quick results, the Natural Smile Teeth Whitening kit can help your teeth look several shades lighter.

An incredibly popular cosmetic treatment, teeth whitening can make you look younger by combating the staining effects of red wine, coffee and natural aging.

Many people who have their teeth whitened not only feel that their new look teeth give them a younger appearance but the procedure also helps them to be more confident about their smile.

The Natural Smiles teeth whitening kit includes:

1 x LED light unit
1 × 10cc 36% gel
2 x hygienically sealed thermoforming mouth trays
Full colour instruction leaflet

Factors such as age and lifestyle will affect the extent to which the Natural Smiles kit lightens teeth but most users usually see the effect starting from the first few applications.

After purchase, customer should email Natural Lash and Bronze with the voucher code and delivery address as set out in the 5pm voucher.

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Usually £99.00
Discount 83%
Saving £83.01

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 10.01.2012

Kits will be sent out within five days of supplier receiving voucher code.


Natural Smile Teeth Whitening

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