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The French have given the world many notable gifts. As well as obvious contributions, such as their unquestionably delicious cheese and wine, their vertically-challenged leaders such as Napoleon and President Sarkozy have taken great strides in showing a grateful world the most stylish way to wear height-boosting heels.

Thanks to today’s Big Deal at The Arches in Glasgow, you can reach new musical heights by listening to the positively angelic voice of French chanteuse Marina Celeste.

Mlle Celeste is a songwriter and singer famous for her work with Marc Collin’s Nouvelle Vague band which has had world-wide success with their bossa nova covers of New Wave and punk songs such as Blue Monday and Heart of Glass.

However, Celeste has also got her own career going on. The author of three solo albums, Celeste delivers a neat line in jazz, pop and trip hop. Crafty covers of songs such as The Clash’s Guns of Brixton and The Cure’s ‘A Forest’ get dropped into her sets but, at their heart, her concerts are about her own breathy creations.

There is much more info and clips of her work here:

The BBC have commented on her ‘elfin charm’ while music writer Pete Sargeant of the Fair Hearing review site has called her a ‘chanteuse among chanteuses’.

Open Mag opted for a rather more Gallic approach to music criticism with their assertion that ‘her impish voice has a certain je ne sais quoi… sexy.’

If you want to see some sexy, elfin, chanteuse action from one of France’s most talented rising stars then today’s Big Deal is:

£12 for two tickets to see Marina Celeste at the Arches on Saturday 16th April; a 50% reduction on the standard £24

From £12.00
Usually £24.00
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