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A twenty minute appointment that leaves feet feeling soft and refreshed. Finished and completed by a file and polish to leave the nails looking neat.

Water is filtered and sterilised between clients

Forget fishy tales of helpful dolphins guiding sailors to shore and don’t even start on the existence of mermaids. Old sea dogs have long spun yarns about finned friends who have come to the aid of mariners in peril.

They are all the result of too much rum and not enough shore leave.

Apart from battered haddock, the most useful member of the fish family is the Garra Rufa.
Originally from the Middle East, these little fish have a taste for dead foot skin that makes them much prized as mini-pedicurists.

Garra Rufa Fish therapy is an ancient, natural exfoliation and massage treatment which has been used to soften and cleanse the skin for centuries.

Visitors to the stylish Serenity Sole salon in Glasgow city centre lower their washed feet into tanks of warm water which hold the Garra Rufa. The fish vacuum up dead, rough skin from the feet while leaving healthy skin feeling refreshed.

They don’t bite and the treatment is completely harmless. Once the tickly feeling has faded, it’s like having your feet gently caressed.

It’s a very safe procedure. At Serenity Sole, the staff are all qualified beauticians who are trained to identify any contra-indications that may prevent an individual having the fish pedicure and they have the right to refuse treatment if they believe this to be the case.

Each individual tank is fitted with a state of the art filtration system that cleans the entire tank by circulating, filtering and sterilising the water. The appointments between each client allow this process to act efficiently.

Each tank is also fitted with UV filters which kill any bacteria in the water.

The treatment can help maintain the health, condition and appearance of the feet and assist in skin regeneration. In addition, the treatment can also assist in the temporary treatment of dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Garra Rufa pedicures are one of the fastest growing health and beauty treatments. This is what the Daily Record’s Ellen Arnison had to say about a recent visit to Serenity Sole:

‘Once I got used to the peculiarity of the situation, I began to relax and enjoy it. The sensation is oddly soothing – somewhere between the vibrating setting of a foot spa and a reflexology treatment, but with fish.’

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