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Usually £25.00
Discount 60%
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What’s Included

20 minute fish pedicure at Tickled Tootsies

File and OPI polish

Glass of bubbly

Private salon with strict hygiene procedures

The little known Ticklish people live in Tickleavia. They communicate by laughing and their greatest pleasure in life is to be tickled pink.

Thanks to today’s Big Deal with Tickled Tootsies you can gain some insight into the remarkable world of the Ticklish.

An independent fish pedicure spa in the Southside of Glasgow, Tickled Tootsies offers a private, relaxing spa environment.

Unlike fish spas in shopping centres, it provides a tranquil space in which to be pampered without crowds of people staring at you.

Just a five minute walk from Hampden Park and the Victoria Infirmary, Tickled Tootsies uses tanks of little Garra Rufa or doctor fish to gently exfoliate their clients’ feet.

The fish have no teeth and, as they vacuum the hard and dead skin from your feet, it is a little like being tickled.

It is not unusual to hear clients laughing and giggling as they lower their feet into the tanks and the fish get to work.

Health and hygiene are paramount at Tickled Tootsies so the water in the fish tanks passes through a UV sterilisation and filtration system before reaching the treatment pools. This process happens at least eight times per hour.

By the end of your twenty minute Big Deal session, your feet will feel smooth, soft, clean and fresh.

But the Garra Rufa are not the only ones working this Big Deal which also includes a file and application of fashionable OPI polish.

Add in a glass of bubbly to enjoy during your visit and today’s Big Deal is sure to tickle your fancy.

Perfect as a present or for a pamper session on your own or with friends, today’s Big Deal is:

£10 instead of £25 for a Twenty Minute Fish Pedicure, an OPI File and Polish plus a glass of Bubbly at Tickled Tootsies; a 60% saving

From £10.00
Usually £25.00
Discount 60%
Saving £15.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 07.02.2012, excluding 25/12 – 27/12 and 01/01/2012 – 03/01/2012.

There is a 24 hour cancellation notification period applicable to all appointments.


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Tickled Tootsies
95 Holmlea Road
G44 4AQ

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