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Minks are small furry mammals of the Mustelidae family. They used to be very fashionable when made into coats but that was in the bad old days of child chimney sweeps and the pubs shutting at half ten.

These days, mink coats are not at all fashionable and even pushing children down chimneys is frowned upon.

Minks are not to be confused with Minx. Minx Nails are extremely fashionable and every Hollywood actress, pop star and celeb worth their salt wouldn’t be papped without flaunting a set.

Thanks to the Girls’ Night Out Big Deal from Glasgow’s Radiant Beauty, you can have a full body spray tan in a Versa Spa Automatic tanning booth; a manicure or pedicure and a full set of Minx toe or hand nails for just £29; that’s a whopping saving of £39 on the normal price.

Why are Minx Nails so popular? Why, thank you for asking. It’s ‘cos:

The Minx Nails system allows you to cover your nails with sensational metallic designs, graphics and patterns which look fab and make a real statement.

The flexible film is applied with heat and pressure, sealing itself to the nail bed and becoming waterproof so it’s long lasting and chip resistant.

Minx Nails are the ultimate fashion accessory of the moment and with today’s Big Deal you can get a full set for your hands or toes, plus a manicure or pedicure and a full body spray tan in a Versa Spa Automatic spray tan booth.

Radiant Beauty is a stylish salon based in Glasgow’s West End. Offering a wide range of treatments, such as spray tan, Minx nails, waxing, massage and facials, there is something for everyone.

From £29.00
Usually £68.00
Discount 57%
Saving £39.00

Important Information

Vouchers are valid until 03/02/2011.

Please note that December availability is limited.

Treatments last one hour 45 minutes


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459 Dumbarton Road
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