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Usually £20.00
Discount 50%
Saving £10.00

In a recent survey, admittedly conducted by the Spanish Tapas and Churros Marketing Board, 120% of people questioned said that tapas and churros were their favourite foods, especially when enjoyed together over the course of one meal.

Inspired by this made-up statistic, the good people at Edinburgh’s popular Tapa restaurants decided to give the public they want: a Big Deal in which you share the Chef’s Lunch Selection of seven tapas and then round off your meal with some delicious churros and a coffee. Normally, this would set you back £20 but today’s Big Deal vouchers cost just £10.

Both the Tapa restaurant in Leith and the one on Hanover Street are deservedly very popular with tapas lovers. But, while you would have had to spend the last decade under a rock not to know what tapas are, churros might be a different matter.

Put simply, they are like doughnuts. Only better. Our Spanish friends usually scoff them for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate. It’s a neat idea but, frankly, they are too tasty to reserve for breakfast.

If you want to try them and you should, honest, then the two Tapa restaurants in Edinburgh are offering the Chef’s Lunch Selection, two coffees and churros to share for £10; a 50% saving on the normal £20 price.

From £10.00
Usually £20.00
Discount 50%
Saving £10.00

Important Information

Vouchers valid 5th Jan 2011 – 31st Jan 2011.

Chef’s Lunch Selection is available noon to 5.30pm every day.

Available to be redeemed either at Tapa, in Leith, or at Tapa Hanover Street.

Maximum of two vouchers per table.


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