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What’s Included

Deal combines effects of two natural healing therapies

Includes consultations so that therapies can be tailored to clients’ needs

Can help relaxation and stress-related problems

Promotes wellbeing

For yacht skippers, scouts and people who hate slip-on shoes, knots are indispensable.

But while boom hitches earn scouts badges and bow knots in laces prevent people from making footwear faux pas, knots are less welcome when they crop up in muscles.

After all, no-one wants a slipped buntline hitch tying up their shoulders or indeed a trucker’s hitch getting their torso in a twist.

Today’s Big Deal with The Crystal Connection in Bathgate uses natural therapies to help unravel knots, unwind tension and untangle nerves.

The deal is for one of two treatments:

A one hour Reiki session including consultation.

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing, Reiki can be conducted either hands on or hands off the body.

By channelling energy through the therapist, Reiki can be used to relieve the symptoms of chronic illnesses like anxiety, insomnia and back pain. 

People who have had Reiki treatments also say that it promotes a sensation of relaxation and wellbeing.

A one hour session of crystal therapy including consultation.

An ancient healing method which has been used by several cultures, crystal therapy places assorted crystals and minerals on or around specific places on the body of the fully clothed client.

These crystals induce deep relaxation; release stress; can help with pain and promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies.

Crystal therapy is also used for ailments like migraines, digestive problems and low energy.

If you want to relax and get your energy flowing freely then unloop lariat knots in your laterals and untie tent hitches in your torso with today’s Big Deal:

£15/£14 per person for a one hour Reiki session, or a one hour crystal therapy session, plus consultations for each treatment with The Crystal Connection; a 53% reduction on the standard £30

From £14.00
Usually £30.00
Discount 53%
Saving £16.00

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