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Waistband a little tight after Christmas? Did the snow stop you exercising and see you curl up on the sofa instead?  Welcome to the ‘festive 7,’ the not so welcome half a stone that is typically put on over the holiday period.

The solution? Well, you could step on to the usual hamster wheel of weight loss and subsequent weight gain brought about by most diets.

We suggest something better. You might have seen her results on TV or read the books. Now, here is the online version everyone can afford!

The Amanda Hamilton 28 Day Real Results plan uses an approach that works without you having to obsessively count calories, weigh portions or cut out major food groups. The average weight loss in 28 days is between 7 and 11lbs. 

Amanda’s programme combines nutritional science to help your body release fat with five meals a day but adds in a hefty dose of “real life” too. In other words, ingredients are practical, affordable and almost all the recipes can be made in just 20 minutes or less. There are also plenty of short-cuts for when you are on the go.

Each day there’s a suggested meal plan, some inspiring facts or a bit of fun like James Martin popping in with his video recipes. There’s also our unique progress calculator that measures the change in shape as well as your weight loss overall. Most people can’t believe they can lose weight and not feel hungry.

We send you a daily email to keep you on track and there’s FREE membership to Amanda’s new online club saving you over £250 of discounts over a year. You also get the chance to win one of Amanda’s stunning five star boot camps, detox or weight loss retreats held in the UK, Spain or Portugal!

With Amanda Hamilton’s 28 Day Weight Loss Plan you can start looking forward to a new you for £12.47; a saving of 50% on the standard price of £24.95

From £12.47
Usually £24.95
Discount 50%
Saving £12.48

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