From concerns over the environment to ethical considerations, there are all sorts of good reasons to eat vegetarian food. One of the most compelling is that so many of Britain’s vegetarian restaurants produce dishes which just taste so great. Even among restaurants which aren’t strictly vegetarian, there is a growing awareness that veggies aren’t prepared to be fobbed off with food which plays second fiddle to that provided for other diners. Most reasonable restaurants now provide a good selection of vegetarian dishes and some of the ethnic restaurants, particularly Indian restaurants, excel at producing exciting vegetarian meals. By using, you can find the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the UK.

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It is not just 5pm’s online reservation service which makes it simple to book the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Britain. Our reader reviews and ratings can also help you find the veggie or vegan restaurant you are looking for. Regular users of 5pm often review the restaurants they have eaten in and post their thoughts on the appropriate restaurants’ entries on the 5pm database. You can scan them to find the restaurant that fits you.

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The 5pm online booking service makes it quick and easy to locate the best vegetarian restaurants in the UK but we also make it cheaper for diner’s to eat in them. Our dining out deals are sourced locally and you won’t see them in the restaurants themselves.