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  1. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Felt needed revamp rather dingy. Leather seating old,some chairs rickety.
    Rating 3.4/5 by wilma bell - 16/11/2017
    Food was ok.Husband & I had pork loin as main & was enjoyable.Friends had chicken dish & said was good. Nothing fantastic.Read the rest
  2. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    It was okay!
    Rating 4/5 by Claire Yule - 14/11/2017
    The sandwiches were bland and uninspired! Cakes were nice, scones average! I enjoyed the coffee! Cup's offering was far superior!Read the rest
  3. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Rating 4.6/5 by Gary Calderwood - 14/11/2017
    Loved the decor & atmosphere. The food was really good & had a great selection of Scottish food. The staff were a credit to the business , both girls who...Read the rest
  4. Review - Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse , Lanarkshire

    Colonel Mustard in the Courthouse
    Rating 4.4/5 by William Bone - 13/11/2017
    Great deal - food was lovely Good service , nice friendly staff. The only thing that we felt spoilt the atmosphere was the lighting, the room was quite dark - a little...Read the rest
  5. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Ingram Wynd
    Rating 5/5 by Rhona Weir - 13/11/2017
    Recent visit to Ingram Wynd was great success. Couldn't fault anything about our experience (4 of us). Very friendly staff, excellent service and food to die for.Read the rest
  6. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Ingram Wynd is the best restaurant I have eaten in a very long time.
    Rating 4.8/5 by Geoff Blake - 12/11/2017
    Loved the ambiance of the restaurants classy and intimate decor and set up, the staff where very friendly and professional and everything was topped off with excellent food. Can’t wait...Read the rest
  7. Review - Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse , Lanarkshire

    Great food
    Rating 4.8/5 by Alison Bate - 12/11/2017
    We had a really nice meal here, the staff were very attentive and friendly . The food came out of the kitchen quickly and was amazing . I'm not sure...Read the rest
  8. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Good food when out with friends
    Rating 4.8/5 by Kenny Grant - 12/11/2017
    We chose this restaurant because it has a good choice of food and has a good Scottish element to it, which suited our friends from Yorkshire. The food was excellent...Read the rest
  9. Review - Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse , Lanarkshire

    Rating 4.8/5 by george scott - 12/11/2017
    Had a great night here, food was very well presented and extremely good. Quick friendly service and tremendous value for 3 courses with a drink included. Would definitely return to...Read the rest
  10. Review - Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse , Lanarkshire

    Great restaurant!
    Rating 4.8/5 by June Beckett - 12/11/2017
    My friend and I were there for the first time and would definitely go back. The food was excellent, served by young, friendly staff in comfortable surroundings.Read the rest
  11. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Fantastic food
    Rating 4.6/5 by meg dunn - 12/11/2017
    The food was terrific all the staff were very nice and friendly. First time here we will definitely be back and would recommendRead the rest
  12. Review - Colonel Mustard In The Courthouse , Lanarkshire

    Great gastro pub!
    Rating 5/5 by IAN ANDERSON - 12/11/2017
    Great food, great service in great atmosphere. Highly recommended.Read the rest
  13. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    We had a terrific night. The food & staff were lovely.
    Rating 4.6/5 by Joyce Barber - 12/11/2017
    Four of us were in for a catch up and celebrate a birthday. The staff were great but not too intrusive. One chap in particular was really nice and helped...Read the rest
  14. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    I’ll be back!
    Rating 5/5 by Karen Shearer - 11/11/2017
    Had a superb meal last night. The ambience was great with brilliant music in the background, dimmed lights, candles and very nice staff.I chose the chicken breast with haggis fritters...Read the rest
  15. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Lovely staff, beautiful venue great food
    Rating 4.8/5 by Paula Heaney - 10/11/2017
    Staff were great,couldn't do enough. Little touches made it a great treat for my parents.. Good good and great atmosphere.. Will definitely plan to go backRead the rest
  16. Review - Birdtree & Bellfish , Glasgow

    Tasty and filling
    Rating 4.4/5 by Margo Hutchison - 10/11/2017
    Love the quirky menu with its Glasgow references. Food is lovely.Read the rest
  17. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    Excellent Visit
    Rating 4.6/5 by Louise Grant - 09/11/2017
    This was my first time at Ingram Wynd and I really loved it. I felt pretty cosy and comfortable inside and the staff were very friendly. I wanted to try...Read the rest
  18. Review - Ingram Wynd, Glasgow

    First visit
    Rating 4/5 by Carol Logan - 09/11/2017
    Lovely restaurant would like more vegetarian food to choose from, very limited for me, only one main meal to choose from. My husband loved the food.Read the rest
  19. Review - Waterfront Restaurant, Glasgow

    Lovely views
    Rating 4.6/5 by Linda Findlay - 09/11/2017
    Food was excellent, friendly waiting staff. Would be lovely on a summers night to sit out on the balcony with coffee.Read the rest
  20. Review - Birdtree & Bellfish , Glasgow

    A wee bit different!
    Rating 4/5 by Dawn Corbett - 08/11/2017
    The restaurant was a lovely mix of table sizes. Lots of Scottish items around including a great range of whisky. The food was original and very freshly cooked.Read the rest
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