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From Persian restaurants to Turkish bistros via Lebanese eateries, there are a lot of popular Middle Eastern restaurants in Britain. Offering delicious grilled meats, intense, colourful stews and a massive variety of tasty mezze or starters, the UK’s range of Middle Eastern restaurants pays testament to the region’s broad sweep of culinary traditions. By booking online through 5pm.co.uk, we can help fans of Middle Eastern food find the restaurant they want at a great price.

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From bowls of speciality Beirut hummus in London to plates of Turkish barbecue swordfish in Glasgow, 5pm users have eaten and then reviewed online their favourite Middle Eastern dishes. Combined with the restaurants’ own sample menu pages, 5pm gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to which of the Middle Eastern restaurants in your area would be most suited to you.

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The 5pm restaurant reservation system not only makes it quick and convenient to book online but it can also help you find good deals on meals at your local Middle Eastern restaurants. Sourced locally, the deals offered on 5pm mean that you can enjoy the rich diversity of cuisines from the Middle East at purse-friendly prices.